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Signal boost!

Hey guys! Please click the link and check this out! It’s an indiegogo fundraiser for the staff members of Roliana to be able to afford to buy the website from the owners so we can take control and improve the website for the users! A lot of these donations are small and every little bit counts.

Our current goal is $5,500.00 and we’ve currently raised $360.00. 

We still have 60 days to get the rest of the money, however I really hope we can achieve this and be able to make Roliana a much better website! 

This is very important for us because if we are unable to buy the website from the owners, the future of Roliana is uncertain. This website has been alive since 2007 and we are really dedicating a lot of time and energy in order to keep it alive. Due to lack of proper ownership, we’ve been failing in keeping it alive. However, once we’ve taken control, we’ll be able to provide new art, new games, upgrades and better avatar creation!

Some of our incentives include creating an item set for the website and also receiving art from our amazing staff [including myself]

Thank you so much for your help! If you can’t donate, at least reblog this post so all of your friends can see.

Thank you very much! uwu

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All I can really say about some of the stuff I’m seeing right now on tumblr about the whole May/Ward thing is “Are you stupid?”

I mean, I’m sorry, but just because she had a bottle of wine/alcohol/whatever and Ward went to her room does not mean the slept together. So dear lord, cool your jets. 

Has May not said that she’s open for talk when the team needs it? She and Ward have something to kind of bond over; that being that the both of them have a rather traumatic memory that has resurfaced. A memory that might not fade away for a long while. The two of them sharing a drink is them coping, not hooking up. I mean come on, May is like the mom of the team.

 Stop being all psychotic you guys.

Text 31 Oct 1 note Oh the FEELS.

Spoilers if you haven’t seen Crucible.

This is pretty much all about Ollie and Sarah; you have been warned.

First of all: Sarah knew exactly who Arrow was. I thought she did after I watched last week’s episode, though I don’t think too many people agreed with me. So, that wasn’t too surprising for me.

Anyways; oh the feels that came after Ollie unmask ed her. And then we find out about him knowing she was still alive at one point (though, I think he saw her ‘die’ again after that. I suppose we’ll find out later.) which was interesting. 

I’m still excited about Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Assassins. I mean, can you say ‘fangirling’? 

So, the feels. I mean, could you imagine seeing someone die (twice, and also being tortured - from what we can gather - by said person) and then see them again, alive, again. 

I feel bad for Sarah too, one can only imagine as of right now how bad it was to be picked up by those people and do what they made her do. Then she comes back to protect her family, though The LoA wants her back (hello, future problems). And that end scene with her and Ollie, the feels that inspired. 

Also; I foresee problems being caused between Roy and Thea by Sin. Though that might just be me.

Also, also; the end with Blood I think I subconsciously saw coming.

Anyways; my long spiel about Sarah and Ollie is over, toodles~! 

Text 23 Oct 7 notes Excuse me while I flip out.

Spoilers for those who have not seen “Broken Dolls”

So, this is mostly about Black Canary, or just Canary. And the fact that everyone loves to refer to Roy as ‘Abercrombie.’ Oh the irony.

Anyways, I’m more positive than ever that Canary is Sarah Lance. And I think that she knows that Oliver is Arrow, at least, that’s what my gut tells me. Back to Canary being Sarah - for one, she just dropped everything at the mention of Laurel being in danger. At that point she couldn’t have cared less what Roy did now that he knows about her secret lair. She also wouldn’t have been so determined to stay at the end.

Speaking of the end; how have I seen not a single post mentioning the fact that Ra’s al Ghul wanted her back. Ra’s al Ghul (and therefore a reference to Batman)! I have to admit I freaked out a bit when that happened. I mean seriously, how have I not seen this mentioned yet? This is bound to lead to some really interesting places.

Now I suppose I’ll talk about Laurel for a short bit, and the fact that she’s ‘seen the light.’ I’m glad she’s admitted why she’s focusing(ed) her hate on The Arrow, and now she’ll hopefully come away from that. Though I think the instant he saved her she had that moment of realization.

Next Wednesday needs to get here, now.

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I’ve been doing some thinking about Varrick and his plotting, mostly revolving around Bolin. 

Varrick was (is?) a great guy to Bolin, ‘helping’ him ‘find himself’ and all of that. But I think it goes deeper than just ‘helping’ Bolin; I’m pretty sure Varrick is making a failsafe for the future.

We already know that things are a bit rough between Mako and Bolin now, so who do you think he’ll side with?

My bet is Varrick.

All of his support and help has got Bolin right where he wants him: a token to use to get what he wants, which is, of course, money. And speaking of money, that reminds me that he now has Asami in his grip too. She’ll probably be hard to convince about Varrick now, and even if she did Future Industries is pretty much in Varrick’s hands.

Did he know that this war was going to start? Maybe he did. Maybe that’s what he was planning (or hoping for) from the start. 

Though I do have to wonder why all the bad guys in Korra are water tribe. Is it just to make things opposite of the fire nation in A: TLA? I suppose it doesn’t really matter, not right now anyways. 

Text 21 Oct 36 notes Excuse my Tahno love.

Can we just admire the beauty that is Tahno for a moment?

I mean, look at that face. That beautiful, sexy face. If he doesn’t show up in an episode at some point, I’m going to be an unhappy camper (if not Tahno, only more Wan can satisfy me). One would think with how much of the fandom wants to see him again the writers would get the hint, but meh. I know most of the episodes were written out a long while ago.

A friend of mine doesn’t seem to understand why I (or all you other Tahno lovers) love him so much. He just doesn’t understand the amazing-ness that is Tahno. 

He just doesn’t understand. 

Oh, and is it wrong that I like this gif so much?

Text 21 Oct 41 notes Origins of Bending

I’ve seen a lot of questions about the original bending teachers, and I think I have an explanation for that. 

The Lion Turtles gave people the ability the bend, they didn’t teach them. So the stories of learning from the dragons, badger moles, etc. still hold value (and truth). 

While they could use the elements the Lion Turtles gave them, the Lion Turtles didn’t teach them how to bend. They learned on their own until they learned from the sky bison, dragons, badger moles, and moon.

At least, that’s my theory. And I get that in part from seeing Wan do (the exact same) firebending form, the Dancing Dragon, with the dragon that was there.

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The Nevengers Sing-a-Long to ”Coconut”

This made me laugh so hard.

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That(those) episode(s) of Legend of Korra made me so flipping happy. Wan is probably my favorite character now, by far. He and Raava are just so perfect in terms of their harmony and such. I mean, can we have a Legend of Wan? Origins of Wan?


And that Eye Eye (or lemur) spirit - I want to watch Spirited Away now - and he reminded me of Sokka. This episode made me realize a couple of things too.

1.) Lionturtles are epic. The one from A: TLA makes so much sense now.

2.) I want one of those Cat Deer. Like, now. 

3.) Apparently there are a lot of pig + other animal animals. 


5.) Longer hair makes characters more attractive. (Just look at Zuko, Sokka, and Jet with long hair).

I also want to say something about the Elder Fire Sage - pretty sure she’s not Azula. Her eyes aren’t gold and I very highly doubt Azula would raise flying bison. Just saying. 

After looking at several comments on here, I have to agree with the fact that there are similarities with Wan and Mako and Bolin. Coincidence? Are they just teasing us? 

The world may never know.

Also, I think we all pretty much know where this book is going. The only thing with that is; how will they top it in the next two books? What will there be to write about once Korra beats down Vaatu? To me it makes more sense that this would be something like the ‘final battle’; as in Korra fixes the unbalanced spiritual and material world, and thus becoming the last avatar.

Though that can’t happen if there are two more books, which is what worries me with how epic ‘The Beginnings’ was and the future plot extending from it.

I also have a need to mention Unalaq and Vaatu. Now, I’m fairly certain the two have made contact, but whether Unalaq understands how dangerous of a spirit he’s run into…. well, things won’t be ending well for him. If I had to guess, I’d say he’s probably going to try and use Vaatu. That, of course won’t end well.

That’s just my own personal idea though.

Also: Dat carrot spirit. And that spirit with the kid’s voice. 

I’m re-watching this episode. Several times.

And I want more Wan.

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